You need to hear it all.
We listen for you.

Unlock your largest source of revenue, customer
call data, with our i.o. software.

Simple APIs for Powerful Integrations


    Gain high-level management control and rapid feedback through Ababa’s complex analysis of the agent-customer conversation processes. Ababa is the answer to agent compliance, quality assurance and optimized customer interaction.


    Ababa's Speech Analytics exceeds or meets any AI software on the market. We make it easy to analyze, tag, learn and benefit from audio content insights, saving you time and increasing your bottom line.


    Uncover keywords and tag events in conversations, track conversion rates, and pinpoint missed opportunities with Ababa's speech algorithm, Natural Language Programming (NLP), and Deep Neural Networks.

Embed communications with any combination of
  • Voice
  • Keywords
  • Analytics

Hear Every Call with Artificial Intelligence


Call Recordings can be difficult to interpret. People and industries each have unique communication styles and patterns.

Ababa uses sophisticated machine learning software developed from more than 1 million manually scored calls. Also, 50,000 hours of data science research produced our Artificial Intelligence Indicators that are available on every account -- even the free account.

We listen to calls with state of the art machine learning and AI. You easily know how your reps are performing.

Access Artificial Intelligence Indicators

Pre-built AI Indicators available on every account:

  • Acquired Address
    Acquired Email
    Acquired Name
    Acquired Phone Number
    Agent Empathy
    Agitation Level
    All Conversion ©
    Appointment Set
    Ask for Business
    Build Credibility
    Buyer Confusion
    Commitment to Buy

  • Complaints
    Determine Needs
    Dissatisfaction ©
    Escalation Request
    Existing Customer
    Initial Purchase
    Lead Score ©
    Missed Opportunity ©
    Objection Language
    Ownership Language
    Payment Language

  • Promotion Mention
    Repeat Contact 72 Hrs
    Repeat Inquiry
    Repeat Sales Inquiry
    Request for Info
    Requested Lead Source
    Reservation Made
    Sales Inquiry
    Sales Skills ©
    Set Phone Appointment
    Transfer Permission
    Verbal Clarity
    Voice Message

Ababa can create custom indicators using our AI software.
Let us do the heavy listening.


Pricing and Features

Usage is billed at a $0.02/ / min base rate

$0.002 / per min per indicator that is enabled

Free Trial includes 100 free calls with all indicators enabled


$0.02 / min + $0.002 / min per indicator
  • Transcription
  • Keyword Extraction
  • Search Engine
  • Keyword Lists
  • Artificial Intelligence Indicator Scoring
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*Volume discounts available for +2,000,000 min/month