You need to hear it all.
We listen for you.

Unlock your largest source of revenue, customer
call data, with our i.o. software.

Simple APIs for Powerful Integrations

  • Text

    Turn your operation into a data treasure chest by sending text from email or chat to

  • CRM

    Add transcription, keyword spotting or complex insights to your CRM with simple integration

  • Telephony

    Simply send call recordings to ababa from your Twilio code and many others.

Embed communications with any combination of
  • Voice
  • Keyword
  • Analytics

Artificial Inteligience Indicators

We use state of the art machine learning to score calls so you can see how your reps are performing.

  • Acquired Address
    Acquired Email
    Acquired Name
    Acquired Phone Number
    Agent Empathy
    Agitation Level
    All Conversion ©
    Appointment Set
    Ask for Business
    Build Credibility
    Buyer Confusion
    Commitment to Buy

  • Complaints
    Determine Needs
    Dissatisfaction ©
    Escalation Request
    Existing Customer
    Initial Purchase
    Lead Score ©
    Missed Opportunity ©
    Objection Language
    Ownership Language
    Payment Language

  • Promotion Mention
    Repeat Contact 72 Hrs
    Repeat Inquiry
    Repeat Sales Inquiry
    Request for Info
    Requested Lead Source
    Reservation Made
    Sales Inquiry
    Sales Skills ©
    Set Phone Appointment
    Transfer Permission
    Verbal Clarity
    Voice Message


Pricing and Features

Usage is billed at a $0.02/ / min base rate and $0.002 / per min per indicator that is enabled

Free Trial includes 100 free calls with all indicators enabled


$0.02 / min + $0.002 / min per indicator
  • Transcription
  • Keyword Extraction
  • Search Engine
  • Keyword Lists
  • Artificial Intelligence Indicator Scoring
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*Volume discounts available for +2,000,000 min/month