Ababa Transcriptions

Our transcriptions are extremely accurate, we beat or match the accuracy of any available machine transcription in the industry. Each transcription includes a word time stamp and word confidence, allowing you to build your own intelligent analysis.  Ababa transcriptions are available within the Ababa Explorer Application or via API.

Ababa Explorer

Customize with this powerful application to explore transcriptions and machine data.  Create and save searches using your own keywords, phrases, duration, word count, and more. Use the player to listen to call segments filtered by your search and pull data into your own application to find what you’re looking for.  Run your own reporting, save the calls, or download and share calls any of call.

Ababa Indicators

Pre-built custom indicators are complex algorithms built to identify events and provide a score between 0-100. The score represents evidence found in the call for your specific query.  These scores help companies answer big questions like, was an appointment set on a call, did we miss a qualified sales lead, or are our leads good leads? When using the indicators you will receive a score on each call identifying if an appointment was set on the call or not, if you missed a lead, or a myriad of other questions you need answers.  You can then filter all your calls to see what is really happening on the phone. The indicators dig DEEP to answer you biggest questions.